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I don't feel comfortable using this account

2017-08-22 19:50:11 by BigLeoStar

BigLeoStar is an alias I came up with when I was six years old and it has become second nature for me to sign up with it whenever I make an account. Since I like talking so much my friends and parants also latched onto the fakt that I called myself BigLeoStar online. I've had my friends jokingly refer to me as BigLeoStar or Leo (which is my middle name) many times. 

And of course, back in february of 2015 when I was signing up newgrounds, BigLeoStar was the first thing I wrotte. Turns out joining a community with people who compete about who can make the coolest looking, most brutal, and most gory movie set in some sureal grayscale world might not be the best idea when all your friends and parents know exactly what to search for them to find you.

As we all know having people lean over your shoulder when you try to draw something for yourself is fucking anoying. "edgy poetry"

Every time I've said "I'm not going to use NG anymore" or THIS ACCOUNT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. Jesus that post was fucking retarded. It's just been a way of reasuring my parents that I'm not gonna upload more edgy shit to newgrounds. 

Being the downer I am, the comments that I got from people in the begining ment the world to me "Cool stuff" or "So delicious boe!" <-- duding d: That stuff what was making me want contribute to this thing eh I mean community even more!

I've gotten a headache and a slight sense of deja vu from writting this, And I probarbly have written this before, multiple times.

This might be a proper goodbye or mayby just something for my parents to read, sorry about the wall of text.


- Why would I writte my "name" here, it's not a fucking letter.



2017-03-24 13:41:25 by BigLeoStar

Started up flash today after 2 months of not using it. I tried to make some symbol animation but ended up with this instead.

Also have you heard the new gorillaz song? I think it's pretty neat.


Tried to animate a walk cycle.




2017-01-07 05:18:12 by BigLeoStar

I've animated two new madness tests this week. :D

Wanted to show this one too, I think I made this in 2015. Not sure though.

I also wanted to show this old test made by Lemonpie in early 2015. The character on the left is my old unoriginal oc.

I bought a new mouse too, it's alot better than my old one.

It's this one here -->

School start next week, I cry every time. ;-;


Happy new year

2017-01-01 07:46:42 by BigLeoStar

Made a new test


Does anyone have the ROMP.fla sprites?